China Connection SIM

The best companion to travel in China


China Connection is a 4G Lte data SIM card to be used in mainland China.

High Bandwidth

4G Lte connection.


No identification required.


There is no restriction for internet access.

No Limit

Access overseas services IE. Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Low Cost

No monthly recurrent charge.

No Restriction

Always valid
Can be used whenever recharged

Solution backbone

Data Center

U.C data center is located in Los Angeles ,it is the major data exchange area in north America network. There are many mainstream telecom operators directly connect to America's major network. U.C facilities offer unmatched connectivity to the Asia Pacific markets, with intercontinental cable landing points,and diversely routed high-count dark fiber pairs linking U.C’s Los Angeles data centers

International Route

Cross-regional dedicated international line Secure, scalable network bandwith Encrypted data Alternative encryption protocol Ensure data accuracy Simplified network construction and maintenance. Add-on features, voice services ,include data 、voice、video

International Call

Voice plan for global call,helps you make call anywhere ,you never worry about the international roaming and do not have to change SIM card. iCloud 4G for Business plan,make sure you have America WiFi whenever you need it,you can share your photo during travelling , use map navigation,have a video telephone,surf the Internet whenever you want.

Have you encountered one of these situations

When you were traveling in China.
You could not get in touch with families in time.
You could not search for important materials online.
Can not use maps and navigation on your phone.
Can not share your moments photos on your social network.
If you have encountered these situations we have the solution for you!

SIM Plans

Starter Pack

for beginners

$ 19.99

valid 30 days

1 G data

4G Lte speed

Access overseas services

Holiday Pack

for holiday travellers

$ 27.99

valid 30 days

2 GB data

4G Lte speed

Access overseas services

Business Pack

for business travellers

$ 39.99

valid 30 days

5 GB data

4G Lte speed

Access overseas services

Pro Pack

for professionals

$ 49.99

valid 90 days

5 GB data

4G Lte speed

Access overseas services

Business Pro Pack

for frequent flyers

$ 79.99

valid 90 days

10 GB data

4G Lte speed

Access overseas services

Company Backgrounds


Years Experience


Million Minutes of Voice Conversation per Month


Telecommuniction Partners WorldWide

Resale Policy

Strong techincal support

We provide 24x7 techincal support.


We provide customizable recharge cards.
The valid period is customizable.

Addtional supports

We provide data analysis service for our retailers.


You could become our wholesaler once you got your own retailers.

Please Contact Us At

USA: +1 650-550-6888
1592 Union Street Ste 186, San Francisco CA 94123

SIM Activition

Activation Steps

Simply connect to the Internet to enable your SIM card.
No need to set up APN, insert SIM and start surfing.

*Some devices require setting up APN

Andriod APN Settings

Settings > Wirless&Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

Create New APN > input lnfxsjbj01.xfdz.njm2mapn in APN column, 3gnet in Name column > Save

Back > Select > Bank > Switch on Data Roaming

iPhone/iPad APN Settings

Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Netwrok

Input lnfxsjbj01.xfdz.njm2mapn in APN column under Cellular Data & Personal Hotspot

Back > Switch on Data Roaming

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